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Winter protection for Spring-success

Article by Nick Rinylo

Winter protection for Spring-success

As November comes to an end, we are officially in the midst of the colder seasons. The leaves have fallen, our lawns are blanketed in frost come morning, and the days are shorter. If you haven’t already, it’s high time you take action and protect your garden over the winter, ready for a fruitful Spring. Cutting the lawn won’t be missed, but there’s still work to be done! So grab yourself some mulch, put on those gardening gloves and get to work.

Protect your plants

Looking after our plants is important to us, so it’s essential that we feed our plants the right fertiliser. Try to avoid nitrogen-rich fertilisers as they can promote poor growth later on. Make sure to cover your soil, especially in any vegetable patches, or this can result in leaching of nutrients. 

If there’s heavy rain – and let’s face it, there very often is in the UK – it can cause soil erosion. For this reason, get your hands on plenty of mulch to protect the soil. And remember – plants get hold too. Wrap them up to prevent the cold from damaging them. It’s also a good idea to bunch any containers together and to place them in a sheltered area to prevent roots from freezing.

Don’t neglect your lawn

Yes, it’s important to protect our plants and flowers over the winter, but we mustn’t neglect our lawn. It’s a good idea to aerate the lawn at least once a year, and during winter is the perfect time to do so. By aerating the lawn, the soil underneath will be able to breathe. Any frost that seeps into the ground will help in breaking up soil compaction. 

If you can, it’s still a good idea to keep the grass cut during winter. It allows the grass to breathe. We recommend setting the blade higher to keep a slightly longer layer of protection over the colder months. You could also spray your blades with WD-40 to help keep them lubricated. This helps to cut the grass with ease. If your blades are weathered and haven’t been sharpened, this can help too, or perhaps it’s time for a new blade. If there’s any patches of grass that are patchy, add some seeds to encourage growth and give them the time to grow. Try and leave your lawn be over these next few months whilst it’s enjoying some much needed TLC.

Furniture first

It’s also important to prolong the life of your garden furniture if you don’t want to keep re-buying it year on year. Take advantage of your garage or shed and keep any furnishings locked away to avoid wear and tear over the winter. If you don’t have a sheltered space to keep them in, find yourself some strong furniture covers.

If you haven’t already, consider investing in high-quality garden furniture that can withstand bad weather. Luxury rattan furniture is a great bet as it’s easy to care for, long-lasting and looks stylish in any garden. You barely need to do anything to care for your rattan furniture in the winter – or the summer – aside from giving it a clean from time to time to keep it in good condition. Of course, storing your rattan furniture somewhere warm and dry during the winter gives it the best chance of a long lifespan, but you’ve certainly got much less to worry about as far as winter maintenance is concerned.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Twiddling your thumbs with boredom during this winter lockdown? Now is a good time to sharpen and prep your tools ready for Spring. It’ll be here before you know it. Take this opportunity to also keep on top of any weeds that may pop up around your garden. They tend to grow much faster during the warmer period, so keep on top of them now whilst the conditions are cold. You’ll thank yourself come March.

Spring success

A well-prepped Winter garden, means a garden set-up for Spring success. The little things now will make a big difference when the seasons change. So, put your feet up next to the fire, and enjoy the peace of mind that your garden is protected for another British winter.