Skyline Design UK Premium Quality All Weather Outdoor Furniture

Designer Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor /  indoor rechargeable LED lighting.

Charge up and take anywhere for instant light with colour changing options. Change to red for a warm night, all blue, for uber cool, green for so fresh or just white to make it bright.  Choice is yours.

All lights, furniture and planters are remote control operated
1, White light plus dimmer control
2, 15 fixed light colours available at push of a button
3, Flashing light option
4, Strobe light option
5, Colour rotation fast option
6, colour rotation soft option
Fully weather proof for outdoor use all year round. (Also great for indoor use)
Shock resistant, will not crack or break if dropped
UV resistant, will not fade or discolour
Charging time, 5 hours for full charge.
Will last up to 8 hours on full charge
All lamps are supplied with charging unit or adaptor for planters.
All lamps supplied with remote control.
One remote control will operate up to 40 units, providing in range and in direct site of remote control.
2 Year warranty under normal conditions. (excludes misuse or harsh abuse)
Low energy consumption during charging, less than 1 Watt power input.
100% Recyclable and 100% Environmentally friendly
Full instructions supplied with each unit.

Adding a delightful ambience to any occasion, the right lighting can make or break the mood of an exterior living space. Whether you want a vibrant atmosphere for a lively party, or wish to add understated elegance to a more formal celebration, appropriate use of stylish lighting can absolutely transform an area from the mundane to the magnificent. Inventive use of lighting isn’t confined to terrestrial fixtures. Why not enhance a water feature with some innovative illumination?

All the lighting which Skyline has sourced is designed to the highest possible safety specification, ensuring it will keep shining even when there’s rain or wind, both hazards of al fresco entertaining. With the intriguing selection of colours which have been incorporated into many of the light features on offer, it’s possible to select lamps which complement your chosen colour scheme or provide a welcome accent of contrasting colour, perhaps drawing attention to a favourite exterior feature. Ideal for providing the right lighting for dining, dancing or simply enjoying the scenery, Skyline lighting products offer delightful illumination for any occasion.