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Eco Friendly Garden

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Article by Nick Rinylo

Eco Friendly Garden

With British summer time commencing on the 28th, we have brighter and longer days to look forward to. Lockdown restrictions are easing, and it won’t be long before we can bring out our summer furniture and get those barbecues sizzling! Take a look through our top tips to help make your outdoor space more eco friendly this year.

Apply Pressure

As the weather is warmer, and the days are generally dryer, it might be time to dust off your jet washer and put it to some use! However, with World Water Day coming up it seems only right that we remind you to use water thoughtfully. 

If you have a water butt installed, you can take advantage of this and use this as your water source. That way, it’s all natural rain water and you’re even saving money yourself. Most pressure washers will simply connect to the tap, just like an outside water tap. This way it’s cost effective and you’re doing your part for the environment. You can even fill up your watering can with the water from the water butt, it’s highly beneficial as it contains natural ingredients.

Busy Bees

We can all go that extra mile and make sure we look after the wildlife. There’s loads we can do, and if we all play our part, it can make a huge difference to our ecosystem. There are loads of things you can do to bring wildlife to your garden, like a bird bath full of natural rainwater or a bird feeder. There also are bee-friendly flowers you can plant, or seed bombs you can spread across your garden which naturally degrade into the earth and help feed animals – and can blossom into flowers!

Get Composting

We all do our part to recycle and look after the planet. But there’s more we can do from home to ensure we’re taking care of it. Instead of disposing of fallen autumn leaves, why not store them in biodegradable bags? It’s a great way to reuse them and avoid any potential landfill. This way, they can naturally decompose into the ground. They’re also a great natural way to produce mulch for your garden. Mulch can help suppress weeds and improve the soils structure, whilst feeding organic matter. 

If you fancy making your own compost, this can help cut back on cost and your carbon footprint. Try adding:

  • Lawn clippings
  • Wood ash (in moderation)
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Veg peelings
  • Tea bags
  • Egg boxes
  • Leaves

We do recommend to avoid using any cooked food and meat. This is essentially a free way to create your own compost and will even free up some bin space!

Get Outside!

With Spring here and summer fast approaching, it’s looking like we’ll be spending at least a little longer in our own gardens rather than travelling the world. This isn’t all bad though, as enjoying a staycation is much more eco friendly than jetsetting all over the place. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your garden feel like a luxury resort with a few of the right touches though. Even if you’ve got a small garden, the right furniture and plants can make it feel like a paradise. 

If you’re a real eco warrior, why not check out our La Lampe Parabol collection for some outdoor solar lighting. This is a great way to ensure your garden stays lit on long summer evenings and keeps any costs down. Place them in your garden where the sun can reach them to keep them going! 

Take a look at our luxury rattan furniture today and start building your dream garden!