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How to clean rattan furniture

rattan furniture in garden

Article by Nick Rinylo

Rattan furniture is an unfailingly popular feature in gardens all over the world. This is due to its durability, resistance to weather, and lightweight flexibility. Rattan is also easy to care for and requires a low level of maintenance compared to other types of furniture. However, the key to your rattan furniture lasting for many years is ensuring that you care for it properly. With this in mind, here’s our advice on how to clean rattan furniture!

5 tips on how to clean rattan furniture

Wondering how to clean rattan furniture? Here are our top tips:

  • Use a dustpan and brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner to start cleaning your furniture. This will remove dust and soil and any moss that may be growing.
  • After cleaning off the loose debris, use a fine tool like a toothbrush, pipe cleaner or a cocktail stick to get right into the cracks and budge any stubborn dirt.
  • Clean your rattan furniture with a garden hose and a bowl of soapy water. Using a soft cloth (like microfiber) gather up bubbles and carefully wash the surfaces with it. Continuing to use the fine tool to get the bubbles into the crevices is also handy.
  • Rinse down the furniture with the garden house once you’re satisfied. Make sure you don’t leave any soapy residue.
  • Leave the furniture outdoors in the sun – or somewhere well ventilated – to allow it to dry thoroughly.

How to keep your furniture clean

Keeping your furniture clean and well maintained will help to ensure you don’t need to work too hard on it. The most effective way to do this is to keep your furniture covered during winter and when it rains. A lot of luxury rattan furniture comes with covers, but if not then it’s important to buy some. Covers made of polyester with a PVC backing and water taped seams will be ideal as it’s both showerproof and breathable.

Another important thing to do is rotate your furniture around your garden regularly. This helps ensure even wear and exposure to the sun. If you’ve bought a collection of furniture and some pieces are wearing or fading faster than others, it’s time to reshuffle your furniture!

How to paint and refinish rattan furniture

After cleaning your rattan furniture you may want to repaint or finish it in order to keep it looking fresh for another year. The easiest way to repaint is with spray paint. You simply will need to apply a thin primer coat and then 2 or 3 layers of colour.

Refinishing is a little more complicated. Rattan is very difficult to sand normally so you’ll need to apply a liquid sander. You’ll then be able to refinish the furniture, although if you’ve chosen a different colour it’s important to note you may need a substantial amount of layers in order to get the effect you want.

How to fix cracked rattan

Whilst rattan is durable and caring for it well should protect it, it can still split and crack over time. Once or twice a year after cleaning your rattan, you should oil it. This will prevent cracking and stop existing cracks from getting worse.

To oil your rattan furniture, buy a boiled linseed oil. Clean your rattan and allow it to dry thoroughly, and then apply the oil with a large paintbrush. Continue oiling until you reach a point where the rattan will not absorb any more oil. You can wipe away any extra residue with a soft cloth.

If your rattan is cracked beyond repair, it may be time to invest in more and care for it well from the get-go. Here at Skyline Design, we offer a full range of beautiful rattan furniture to suit gardens from the littlest to the largest. Take a look at our range and get your garden ready for summer!