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Prepare your Garden for Spring

Article by Nick Rinylo

Preparing for Spring

Everybody can finally relax – spring is on its way. It’s been a long and dark winter, but soon enough the clocks will be moving forward, the days will be longer and brighter, and we can finally all venture out of hibernation and enjoy the fresh air once more. But before we can reap the rewards of garden living, we have some prep to do. You don’t want to spend your whole summer making your garden look nice instead of actually enjoying it, so get all the hard work out of the way whilst it’s still dark and drizzly. Grab a rake, put your boots on and get outside!

Keep off the Grass

Leaving your grass alone over winter can provide a welcome break to taking constant care of it, but it can still be very tempting to mow the lawn as soon as there’s a dry spell, especially if you take a lot of pride in your garden and seeing it looking drab and neglected bothers you. However, even though it’ll start getting warmer soon, it’s important to keep your lawn protected over the wetter months, and cutting the grass when it’s wet can cause a lot of damage to your greenery. 

If it’s still very wet moving into spring and you really want to start getting on top of it before it gets out of control, here are some tips for cutting a wet lawn:

  • Go over the lawn with a hose to rinse off any excess rain or dew. This helps the grass to dry much quicker.
  • Raise the blade on the mower to reduce wear and tear. This will keep the lawn protected whilst keeping a base layer until the weather warms up.
  • Take your time. The blade will be working twice as hard cutting through the winter seasons, so cut the grass slowly as there’s a lot more to take care of.

Remember to keep emptying your lawnmower bag as it will pick up a lot quicker during the first cut, and keep in mind that your mower will clog up due to the long wet grass. It’s important to keep unclogging it to get a better cut and to ensure you take care of your mower.

Weed it and Reap

Most of us tend to neglect our garden over winter, which is understandable. It’s hard to celebrate a garden that is wet and muddy and full of plants that look lifeless. 

Staying on top of weeds in the spring means that you’ll be ready for the spring and summer growth of the plants you actually want in your garden, and ensure you’re not overrun by weeds when the sun starts shining.

Bug off!

A lot of pests like to hibernate during winter which can cause problems for your garden in spring and summer. Make sure to inspect your garden for any slugs, snails or creepy crawlies. 

Whether you grow fruit, veggies, flowers or succulents, these little unwelcome guests will need removing as they can decimate a crop and kill off flowers. You can get rid of your pesky pests with a pest control spray or with a more natural solution like garlic or pepper spray.

Fence Maintenance

Many of us have wooden fences which can take a heavy hit over winter. Rainwater, dirt, and debris can ruin the fresh look of the fence. In order to make sure that your fence is still standing for many winters to come, make sure it’s kept clean and well maintained. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Cut down any vines or weeds growing in and around your fence. These tend to attract insects which will cause damage.
  • Use a jetwash to clean off any dirt and moss. Simple yet very effective … and it requires little to no effort!
  • Soak the fence with a deck or fence cleaner. Scrub the fence hard and thoroughly and then use the jetwash again to rinse the soap off. Whilst you’re at it, it’s worth jetwashing the patio area!
  • If you’re lucky enough for the weather to hold, once your fence is dry, you can repaint or re-seal your fence. This will finish it off and give it that brand new look ready for summer. 

When doing this, it’s as good a time as any to dust off any garden furniture and check how it’s faired over the winter. Wooden, metal and rattan furniture will all need cleaning down and maybe oiling or polishing.

Get a Water Butt

If you’re conscious about your water consumption, then installing a water butt is a great idea. Water butts can be hooked up to your internal plumbing, or just collect rainwater that you can use to keep your plants hydrated. This is also beneficial if you’re using a water meter, so the water butt can pay for itself over time. Also, it reduces your carbon footprint and supports the recycling industry.

Start your Springwatch!

There are lots of things to appreciate about your garden in spring, like the daffodils sprouting left, right and centre, or the first sightings of furry friends coming out from hibernation. Make sure you’re not all work and no play and that you’ve got some time to enjoy the spring sunshine (or even the April showers) over the next couple of months. Treat your garden as part of your home, and start enjoying your time out there.

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