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Invest in your garden during the autumn lockdown

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Article by Nick Rinylo

Invest in your garden during the autumn lockdown

There’s a lot of confusion with the rules of lockdown and what’s allowed. One thing we do know is that gardening is on the cards. According to Royal Mail, the third-highest order over lockdown has been plants and flowers, and the sixth-highest was compost. Brits have spent £3.7 billion on gardening over lockdown according to Yahoo finance. It’s now the perfect time to take advantage of the pandemic and get gardening! Autumn is here and there’s still time to enjoy the weather whilst it lasts, as well as getting the garden ready for winter! Grab a shovel, refill that watering can and get going! 

autumn leaves

Enjoying your garden in Autumn

As summer has finally come to an end, autumn has arrived. The weather’s getting colder, the leaves are starting to fall, but there’s still work to be done. There’s still some prep work to do to ensure your garden is in great shape this upcoming season. Leaves will fall, so it’s a great idea to clear them up, especially if you have a pond or water feature. 

Although autumn has finally arrived and the days are shorter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the remaining sunny days. There are still weekend lunches to be enjoyed, plus time playing with your kids, so enjoy the sun whilst it’s still here. Why not have a look through Skyline’s Kona collection for some long-lasting rattan outdoor furniture. 

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Gardening with your children

It’s the perfect time to bond with your children and gain some quality time with them. Why not set up a schedule and give certain tasks to your children for them to learn the basics of gardening? You could even implement a reward system to encourage them to help out and make it more enjoyable for them. It doesn’t have to be hard labour duties, but planting flowers and picking up any unwanted weeds could be a great way to bond with them whilst doing the gardening. There’s loads of fun ideas as well, such as painting plant pots with the kids. It’s a great idea to get their creative juices flowing. 

child gardening

Go Green

A trend for 2020 is sustainability. It’s important to look after our planet Earth and to ensure we’re taking positive actions to protect our planet. There are certain steps we can take to make sure we’re all doing our part. 

Growing your own food and plants from seeds it’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s important to be careful to be as green as possible when gardening. We recommend trying to reduce plastic waste, chemical use, and peat. It’s also helpful to invest in a water butt, which helps collect the rainwater. This is not only beneficial for your plants, but it helps reduce water waste.

Make sure you’re looking out for the critters as well these colder seasons! Why not add a bird feeder for a nice touch, it’s a great way to feed the birds and do your part. 

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Purchasing Plants

If you’re interested in buying your own plants, or fancy making home improvements in your garden space, why not order online? There are tons of resources online and garden centres to order from. It’s a great idea to plant evergreen plants at this time of year. They’re a great benefit to your garden as they show their glossy green leaves which holdout through the winter. You could even double up your outdoor lighting and your planters LED planters. They’re perfect for lighting up the garden as well as showing off your plants! 

Autumn is here

We hope you’re looking forward to pumpkin season as much as we are! We wish the summer could’ve been more eventful, but lockdown restrictions have made it difficult. Fortunately, we can now all enjoy autumn walks, bright and chilly weather, and cosying up indoors. 

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