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Garden Lighting – Outdoor Living Series

Article by steve

If you’ve been with us throughout our recent succession of articles, you will have learned a lot about what you really need to consider for happy and fulfilling outdoor living. You will have found out about landscaping design, for example, and the great role that certain garden features can play in making your own design a success. We’ve also talked extensively about the likes of outdoor kitchens, dining and the various forms of outdoor furniture we are delighted to offer here at Skyline Design. But what about your choice of garden lighting? There’s no question that we have a lot of table and outdoor lighting options from which you can select here at Skyline Design, but we don’t just believe in offering choice for choice’s sake. We only offer so many options, in fact, because there are so many moods that the right, most modern outdoor lighting options can help you to conjure up.

So, let’s take a look at the best of them…

Never mind just buying any old thing that will stay illuminated even when it gets rainy or windy – you may have never previously appreciated the stellar range of applications and purposes to which sophisticated, contemporary garden lighting can really cater. Whether you’re looking for a more understated lighting effect or something dramatic and jaw-dropping, we reckon we have just the item – or several – for you.

Even our seemingly simplest garden lighting is guaranteed to turn heads, and packs no shortage of unashamed practicality in the process. There’s our LED Classic Lamp, for example, a white light with dimmer control that is also remote control operated, rechargeable and completely weatherproof. It’s just one of a far-reaching selection of designer outdoor LED lights that also includes effortlessly chic apple and pear designs, LED egg lights for the table and LED cube lights for which different hues are possible, including red, blue, green and white, depending on the mood that you wish to project.

Cube & Egg Lighting

There’s definitely not just one type of garden lighting

We’ve got plenty of slightly less conventional options among the above outdoor LED lights, of course, such as round drum stools, as well as an ice cooler that surely represents the perfect party piece. It all helps to show that you should never underestimate the astonishing range of forms modern outdoor lighting can take.

Did you imagine that there could ever be so many LED outdoor planters out there, for instance, that enable you to combine the finest in up-to- the-minute garden lighting design and technology with that feeling of being close to nature? Something like our LED Classic Planter – which resembles a traditional terracotta plant pot in shape – could be just the solution here, or you might be entranced by our more creative and contemporary designs, such as our cube planters or curved planters.

Various Lighting

The design and technology innovation just keeps on coming with our many items that showcase the increasingly blurred boundary between modern outdoor lighting and furniture. An LED bar set could be just the thing for recreating that sophisticated nightclub vibe in your garden, or – because of course, we all deserve to be able to sit down with our favourite cocktail – our LED cube lights could be perfect if you are seeking some inviting seats.

Then, there’s our La Lampe collection of designer solar lighting. These 100% solar powered and weather resistant lamps, producing up to nine hours of light from a single full charge, truly redefine the concept of solar lighting. They are all to be discovered on the Skyline Design website, right now.

Discover what modern outdoor lighting really means today

When you are on the lookout for garden lighting that complies with the highest of safety standards while also being convenient to use and creating the right impression on everyone who uses your patio area for entertainment, you can be assured of having come to the right place here at Skyline Design.

Our modern outdoor lighting can really “complete”; your garden, providing illumination in more ways than one – so why not begin your shopping experience with us right now?

Outdoor Lighting Settings