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10 Reasons to buy Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Article by steve

Rattan furniture has had a huge resurgence in recent years and in particular we have seen the rise of it’s Synthetic cousin. Synthetic Rattan is extremely popular at the moment for furnishing outdoor areas, for anything from large resorts or hotels to garden seating areas.

Not only does it look good, the benefits of using Synthetic Rattan are countless. But we’ve tried our best to bring the 10 best things about it.

Take a look at our list below for 10 reasons Synthetic Rattan would be a great investment for your outdoor (or indoor) seating areas.

1. Weatherproof –

Although real rattan falls foul to weather damage, it’s synthetic counterpart is resistant to many different weather conditions. Be it rain, frost or high levels of UV. Synthetic Rattan can handle almost anything the weather can throw at it.

It’s also resistant to moss growth, which is key when furniture is left outside in moist or humid conditions.

2. Low Maintenance –

Another huge advantage of synthetic rattan when compared to other wood furniture on the market is that it is easy to maintain, either hose it down with water or use a dish of everyday washing liquid to clean dirt off the surface. Using a small brush to get between the gaps.

3. Natural look –

One of the things that makes rattan such a popular outdoor furniture choice is it’s natural aesthetic. The natural, wooden look of the furniture means it blends in perfectly with most outdoor landscapes, whilst keeping the solidity and longevity of a synthetic material.

4. Versatile –

As mentioned in the previous point, rattan furniture is an extremely versatile choice of outdoor furniture. It blends in perfectly with a large range of different outdoor settings, be it by the pool, an indoor/outdoor dining area or in a garden.

5. Lightweight –

Synthetic Rattan is extremely lightweight compared to other types of outdoor furniture, meaning it is easy to move and rearrange. This means you can ensure you get your outdoor space looking exactly as you want it, without using too much time and energy in the process.

Which means you have more time to put your feet up and enjoy the outside air!

6. Range of shapes, sizes and designs –

Due to its growing popularity, there is an extremely large range of shapes, sizes and designs of Rattan furniture on the market. The bending process used to create it also means that Rattan is able to create almost any shape.

So whether you’re look for a corner suite, lounger, dining set or even something more unique, there’s a good chance that design you want is out there.

7. Different finishes, from classic to super modern –

Aside from all of the functional benefits of Rattan, there’s also the choice of a range of finishes you can apply to your furniture. With many different weave colours, shapes, textures and styles available to choose from. Whether it’s a vertical (warp) or horizontal (weft) weave pattern, or something more unique.

The finishes can range from a classic natural look to super modern.

8. Salt and Chlorine resistant –

This point is most important if you’re furnishing a poolside or sea side area. Synthetic Rattan is resistant to both Salt and Chlorine, so you can go between the pool and your seating area without worrying about the damage to your furniture.

9. Durable –

Although it is much more lightweight than most other types of furniture, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s flimsy. The synthetic fibres do not crack or splinter as easy as wood or other natural fibres would, meaning it should outlast it’s natural equivalent.

After all, the average lifespan of synthetic garden furniture could be anywhere between 10 and 20 years.

10. Cheaper –

As with most things, the artificial version of a material will always be cheaper than the real thing. The durability and longevity of synthetic rattan also means you won’t have to fork out on repairs or replacements as often as you would with wooden furniture.

There’s so many matching sets and accessories out there, which means that for the same price you could get a full set with some bonus pieces like tables or storage pieces.

So there you have it, 10 great reasons to invest in Synthetic Rattan furniture. Take a look at our collection of premium quality Rattan furniture sets and accessories here.