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Top 5 Tips for National Gardening Week

Article by Nick Rinylo

Top 5 Tips for National Gardening Week

Kickstarting spring is the highly anticipated National Gardening Week (April 29th – May 6th) where anyone can get involved by partaking in a variety of activities and events to encourage falling in love with gardening (or to raise awareness if you already have green-fingers!).

Here’s 5 tips that can be used to enhance your garden space – whether that’s to host a community event, or for a quiet area to reflect and relax. See what can you come up with using these ideas…

  • Add more flowery plants in your garden

    Bedding plants or flower beds can be quite a daunting task, so why not dip your toes by investing in some plant pots? They’re really easily manageable and can be placed anywhere you want which is perfect for gardens big, small and everything inbetween!

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  • Switch to LED lights to brighten up pathways

    Though most of us use LED decorative lights in gardens to avoid the hassle of cables, they can also be used as part of your garden furniture to light the areas that you use the most such as pathways and dining areas. Make the most of LEDs as they emit less heat and are much longer lasting than traditional bulbs, making them environmentally-friendly.

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  • Organise your garden with a good clean out

    Just as we spring clean our houses, make sure your garden is also tended to! Firstly, sort through your garden and throw away anything that you no longer want or need – or better still, anything that is temporarily not needed can be kept in its own storage unit. Then begin cleaning. Either round up the family for a quick tidy up or go it alone and indulge in a little cleaning therapy.

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  • Add a little Zen in your garden with sculptures

    Quiet time alone is an important way to utilise your garden space, whether it’s after that decluttering task, or simply anytime you feel like relaxing. Adding a slice of zen into your outdoors will help you to reflect and feel at one with your surroundings. We love stone sculptures for creating a serene and peaceful space, injecting a little sophistication and interest.

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  • Host an event or start a gardening club

    The best way to celebrate National Gardening Week is with your local community, bringing together the love for gardening! Hosting an event can be a great way to raise money for local community gardens or projects, and starting a gardening club is a great excuse for a social gathering, sharing planting tips and learning new gardening skills. These are perfect ways for beginners to get involved and meet people too. To create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere when guests come over, make sure you’re hosting with the right furniture.

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