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Top 5 Summer Garden Party Ideas

Group having a summer garden party

Article by Nick Rinylo

After a cold winter, the nation’s gardens, patios and balconies are once again becoming an extension of living and dining areas. The garden is the perfect place for al fresco entertaining, outdoor lounging or even simply soaking up the sun’s rays. But throwing a garden party can really put your party hosting skills to the test. Sure, any good garden party has lots of food, drinks and music. But if you want to ramp things up and throw a party no one will forget, you’ll need a slew of decorations, outdoor lights, activities, and enough outdoor furniture to lounge on. We know, throwing a summer garden party sounds pretty daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Read on for our top summer garden party ideas.

Summer Garden Party Ideas

Ready to take your garden party skills to the next level? Here are our top 5 summer garden party ideas.

1. Set the scene for what’s to come

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, big or small, it’s time to pull out all the stops and utilise your patio to its full potential. From the moment people enter the garden, it should feel like they’re being sent down the rabbit hole. Of course, your theme and styling may not be a tea party with the Mad Hatter. But whether you curate a creative concept or just a really nice atmosphere, the theme of your garden party should be clear and resonate with your guests straightaway. If executed well, everyone else will surely feel the same excitement about the theme and decorations as you do.

Sound daunting? Don’t worry! If you’re struggling to set a theme, why not start with a colour? Matching the colour scheme to the plants in your garden can help make everything look cohesive. Once you’ve selected a theme, choose bunting and garlands that fit the theme and hang them around the gate or patio door. If you really want to grab your guest’s attention, consider setting up a balloon wall at the entrance. Statement balloons are the ultimate party essential and are the perfect nod to the overarching theme of your party. Alternatively, you can use giant foil letters to spell out a name or special message to extend a warm welcome. It may also be worth setting up a table for welcome drinks.

Remember, the theme should extend across the entire garden, not just the patio. Sure, the patio is a great starting point. But the whole garden should be decorated with garlands, foliage, table runners, foil curtains and any other decorative items that will work in your space.

Drinks table at a summer garden party

2. Create the perfect tablescape

A plain dining table may be perfect for lounging with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. However, it just won’t cut it for a summer garden party. A stylish, well decorated garden table makes al fresco dining so much more enjoyable. So, it’s no surprise that our next summer garden party idea is tablescaping!

Put simply, tablescaping is the art of beautifying your table to create a nice ambience. To start off, lay your favourite table cloth across the table. You may want to give it a quick iron to make sure it’s wrinkle-free, though a crumpled texture can provide some personality and liven up the space. Next, dust off your placemats, coasters, cutlery, plates and serving dishes and neatly layer them on the table. The goal here is to make your table look pretty, but the layout should be practical too. With this in mind, think carefully about where you place large glasses and serving plates. That way, no one will knock anything over and cause a spillage if they have to reach across the table.

Of course, no tablescape is complete without centrepieces. Dotting bunches of blooming blossoms in jam jars can really please the eyes (and the rest of the senses). But if you don’t have enough room on your table, filling one large centerpiece will do the trick. Top tip: if you’re struggling for space, create a hanging centrepiece by attaching an over the table rod to the ends of the table. Alternatively, you can fashion a wooden frame (or even your washing line) with an array of flowers, plots and lanterns. For the finishing touch, place name cards and sprigs of greenery on the table. Tada!

Decorated outdoor table

3. Set up a lounging area

If you want to keep the attendees happy well into the evening, it’s a good idea to set up a cosy seating area. When creating an outdoor lounging area, indoor furniture just won’t cut it. Even if the weather forecast is looking positive, it’s best to leave your indoor furniture where it belongs: inside. Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements. Not to mention, it’s usually much easier to clean. Outdoor rugs and sofas are perfect additions to any outdoor space and instantly make your garden feel like an extension of your home. Plus, poof stools are perfect to kick back, relax and catch your breath after dancing on the patio. Head here for more tips on creating a cosy modern garden.

4. Provide a shaded spot

It’s fair to say that nothing beats spending all day relaxing under the sun. Having said that, very few of us want to be layering on the factor 50 every five minutes. It’s wise to set up a parasol, so your guests have a nice sliver of shade.

Parasol standing over an outdoor dining table

5. Illuminate your garden

Most garden parties end once the sun goes down. But your party can continue seamlessly into the night with outdoor lighting. The options for outdoor lighting are endless – whether you’re looking to illuminate pathways with LED Rockets, keep the drinks flowing with an LED Ice holder, or light up your seating area with LED Cube stools. There really is something for everyone!

Have we inspired your garden party plans with these summer garden party ideas? All it takes is a spark of an idea to get the party (planning) started. If you are looking for luxury outdoor furniture to take your garden party to the next level, then we at Skyline Design are here to bring your ideas to life. If you are ready to start designing your garden, contact us today.