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Top 5 Luxurious Spas Around the World

Article by Nick Rinylo

Top 5 Luxurious Spas Around the World

We’re already halfway through the year! Now is the perfect time to clock out after months of hard work in the daily hustle and bustle of life. And what better way to refresh and revitalise your body and mind than to spend a day (or several) in full relaxation mode, right?

Conveniently for you, we have listed our top 5 luxurious spas around the world that add an extra sprinkle of extravagance to their services. So, put your out of office on, pack your swimsuit and head to one of our fave spa picks around the globe…

  • 1. Peninsula Spa, Hong Kong

    Set on the 7th floor of a colonial-era hotel, this glamorous two-storey spa is a little slice of serenity nestled in the heart of the city. Upon arrival, you’ll be made to feel welcome with world-class service. Cosy up in the thermal suite before kicking back with a traditional ginger-honey tea.

    Visitors have the choice of 14 spacious treatment rooms, one with its own private Jacuzzi. Post-treatment areas offer soft blankets, snug chairs and complementary dried fruit, with dramatic skyline views of Hong Kong surrounding every space.

  • 2. Meadowood Spa, California

    A hideaway on a hill sounds like the perfect relaxation location, and this spa in Napa Valley brings just that to the table. The scent of redwood fills the air upon arrival and you’ll be greeted with charming rustic decoration throughout the rooms. Along with the traditional spa treatments of massages and facials, this spa also provides a culinary experience and private sessions with therapists – emulating more of a ‘wellness experience’ in true California style.

  • 3. Sense Spa, Mayakoba

    The concept of a ‘Sense Spa’ is born from a fusion of Asian spas’ aesthetics mixed with local character and its environment to create a familiar, yet contemporary experience for visitors and tourists.

    This Sense Spa in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico lets the location do the talking, with a natural aquatic theme that boasts a private pool and scenic views of canals, lagoons and beaches. There’s no better place to connect with nature than in the outdoor showers and on the terraces of this beautiful spa. Along with a standout service from polite employees, this resort is definitely a must if you’re looking to escape to somewhere lush and leafy.

  • 4. Mandapa Spa, Bali

    For a more spiritual experience, this Ritz-Carlton reserve spa in Indonesia rounds up some of the best yoga gurus and most knowledgeable and experienced professionals for ritualistic services. It delivers everything you’d expect and more from a high end spa in beautiful Bali, known for its peaceful spirituality and meditation.

    Their most known service is the Royal Spice Ceremony, originally dating back to the 17th Century. The 150-minute treatment includes a seven-flower cleansing ritual and a four hand synchronised massage – the ultimate relaxation treatment inspired by the Indonesian royal wedding. All treatments are surrounded by the most lush greenery and jungle, so you can take your complimentary yoga day/evening sessions outdoors at the serene riverside and take in the wildlife.

  • 5. The Royal Crescent Spa, Bath

    This spa is situated in the historical known ‘city of baths’, chronicled during Roman times. Housed in a former coach house, the Royal Crescent’s spa treatments focus on the natural elements; earth, air, fire and water. Step back in time with architecture that will make you feel as if you’ve walked into the Roman era, providing the ultimate escape from modern day life.

    The signature treatment at this English spa is a herbology five element facial that replenishes the skin for immediate and long lasting results. Once you’ve indulged in your treatments, head to the ‘Taittinger Spa Garden’ to quench your thirst or ease your appetite after a long day of relaxation.

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