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Top 5 Design Conscious City Resorts

Article by steve

For the urbane and artsy traveller, there can surely be no superior type of hotel or resort at which to stay than the city-based design hotel.

Such resorts provide the ideal base from which solo and group travellers can explore all of the stimulations of city life, while also immersing themselves in the quirkiest interiors, the chicest bars and the most stunning views of their chosen metropolis.

But with so many design hotels and resorts from which to select and draw inspiration, what are those that you should be taking as a guideline for your own establishment? We’ve brought together five that may influence the design and furniture choices you make for your hotel or resort.

Melia Athens, Athens, Greece

Melia is certainly perfectly located for a packed Greek break, being situated in the glorious ancient city of Athens, in close proximity to the National Archaeological Museum, the Greek Parliament and the National Library.

However, it is also a hotel that interfaces the finest in such glorious history with the most impressive cutting-edge modern design, as illustrated by its magnificent rooftop pool providing astonishing views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill.

It also just happens to be one of the city-based resorts that we have been proud to serve with the chicest and most durable outdoor furniture here at Skyline Design.

The Melia Athens

Grand Pigalle Hotel, Paris, France

Even if you were dropped off in this cultivated and stylish locale with no introduction to your surroundings, it wouldn’t take you long to decode that you were in Paris. Indeed, what was once a seedy district of the city has since become one of the trendiest, so there could hardly be a better spot for the Grand Pigalle Hotel.

Whether it’s the bold geometric prints of the guestrooms’ wallpaper, the use of traditional door keys or the suave and sophisticated crowd that most enchants you, there can be little doubt that this actually only recently opened boutique hotel-bar-restaurant represents the best of the French new-yet-old-school.

Grand Pigalle

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Aficionados of Scandinavian modernism will be more than enamoured with this showcase of the genius of celebrated Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen, who designed it from both the inside and out.

When this centrally located hotel was built for Scandinavian Airlines in the late 1950s, its 26 floors made it the first skyscraper to appear in the city. From the spacious lobby to the generally sleek, functional and elegant interiors, there are plenty of little touches here to remind you that you are in a building designed by Jacobsen from top to toe.

Sadly, however, much of his work here has been replaced over the years by corporate standard fabrics and furniture. That’s why, if you really want to get into the Jacobsen spirit, you’ll need to book Room 606, which has been preserved in its original design – complete with several examples of his iconic curvy chairs.


StandArt Hotel Moscow, Russia

For a hotel at its reasonably affordable price level, StandArt Hotel Moscow is excellently located – you’ll find it on the city’s famous boulevard Tverskaya Street, a mere 20-minute walk from The Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin.

However, the guestrooms are also a sophisticated design showcase, sporting curved-edged and soft-coloured furnishings that help to give the hotel a pleasant, soft vibe. Strengthening the locale’s arty credentials are its links with great Russian literary masters such as Mikhail Bulgakov.


Brody House, Budapest, Hungary

Brody House is surprisingly affordable for a big-city European hotel – albeit, not as surprising for Budapest – but there’s no doubt that it’s also darned cool, in a way that goes well beyond what you’d usually expect from ‘shabby chic’. It’s a boho B&B consisting of just 11 unique and individually designed bedrooms that come complete with original parquet floors.

That uniqueness is no accident, not least as many of these rooms used to be art studios, and each of them features the work of a particular Brody House artist whose works are also present.

Would you like to equip your city-based hotel or resort with the outdoor furniture that will help to give it that sophisticated, intelligent, art-and-design-conscious vibe you crave? If so, simply check out the extensive selection of highly individual pieces that Skyline Design can offer.

Brody House