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Top 10 Outdoor Winter Party Tips

Article by steve

Top 10 Outdoor Winter Party Tips



Planning an outdoor winter party? Why not host one at the comfort of your own home? We’ve collated a list of the Top 10 tips on how to plan a great winter party for the outdoors – a festive dinner in festive weather!

  • There’s No Place Like Home



    The initial decision to make is deciding on where to hold the party. An open plan garden with outdoor furniture is the best way to create a space that lets your friends and family chill out and catch up on the year’s moments. Make sure to include a standing parasol in case there’s light rain or snow.

  • Set The Mood



    Creating the perfect holiday mood is simple. Make a Christmas playlist, add a surround sound system, and you’re good to go. Also, encourage guests to bring their guitars if they have one for a chilled out, acoustic session of Christmas tunes. Remember to start a log fire and have blankets at the ready so guests can wrap up warm and cosy.

  • Set The Table



    Set up the table with evergreen, pinecone, berries to emulate your winter garden. You can use them to decorate as table centrepieces or Christmas presents.

  • Illuminate



    Bring warmth to the table and around the garden by adding lanterns and candles – they will also help keep guests warm during dinner!

  • Brightening



    The last of the decoration should be for the surrounding garden. Add fairy lights to give a warm and Christmasy feel to your outdoor party. They will also help to illuminate your garden during those dark winter nights.

    Alternatively, you can check out our LED Planters that help bring a modern twist to traditional outdoor lighting decoration:

  • Warm Starters



    Quick, convenient and tasty are what come to mind when planning a meal for an outdoor party during winter. Roasted chestnuts and mini hamburgers are a good way to start a dinner off on a warm tone.

  • Roasted Mains and Toasty Desserts



    To continue with the theme of roasting, Roasted Chicken and Vegetables can be cooked using the log fire or barbecue, along with Marshmallows for dessert toppings on Ice Cream and Cake. Alternatively, if the weather gets bad, or time is running out, cook dinner indoors.

  • Drinks To Make You Merry



    Take advantage of the cold weather and use cold drinks as a welcoming beverage for the start of your party. However, if you feel warmer is better, there are several options to get your guests in a merry mood. Try Mulled Wine with Cardamom, or Spiced Cranberry Cider for a festive taste.

    Mulled Wine with Cardamom:

    Spiced Cranberry Cider:

  • Drinks To Make You Cosy



    After food, hot drinks to top off the winter dinner should be a cosy hot chocolate, which can be made even more luxurious by using the melted marshmallows from dessert. You can also keep it light and refreshing by brewing green tea.

  • End With A Bang



    Setting off fireworks (before 11pm!) is a great way for everyone to get involved. If location makes this difficult, sparklers are another good alternative and can also be a safer option for children to enjoy and participate. The perfect way to end a winter outdoor party!

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