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The Modern Day Rattan Furniture

Article by steve

Even the most traditional forms of indoor and outdoor furniture evolve over time to meet the requirements of contemporary buyers, and rattan furniture is no different. In this piece, we therefore thought we would take a closer look at what styles and types of rattan furniture exist today, with reference to some of our most in-demand ranges here at Skyline Design.

The ever-changing world of domestic rattan furniture

Rattan furniture, for those who are unaware, is furniture woven from the unique Southeast Asian palm plant known as rattan. However, in practice, the ‘rattan furniture’ sold in UK online stores over the past decade has increasingly come to be made from synthetic rattan, which in many cases even continues to be manufactured in the Far East, using the longstanding weaving expertise in that region.

With this more recent type of rattan furniture made from a material that withstands the various weather elements – including sun and rain – to a significantly better degree than traditional rattan, it shouldn’t be a great shock that rattan garden furniture has become truly ‘in vogue’ in recent years. In truth, it’s perfect for 21st-century outdoor living, as well as indoor settings.

The latest rattan patio furniture sets draw upon the pleasing traditional appearance of natural rattan weave, while boasting excellent UV and weather resistance and all-round durability and longevity, meaning they can be left outside without any worries they will be damaged. The emergence of synthetic rattan has corresponded with the rise in popularity of rattan furniture designed and styled to resemble any other kind of mainstream furniture, including sofas, dining sets and loungers.

If, therefore, your interior designer is seeking furniture that perfectly matches the best of old and new in terms of both aesthetics and practicality, rattan furniture could be the perfect solution.

Malta Sets

But in many ways, rattan makes most sense for commercial environments

When one considers the full range of benefits of synthetic rattan furniture compared to its more traditional counterpart, it might not be a great shock to learn that it is also becoming widely popular in the commercial and hotel markets.

After all, when your hotel comes to purchase a rattan table and chairs, you will want such furniture to look the part so that it makes the right impression on your hotel guests and tempts them to sit down. You will also naturally want it to be comfortable to sit on, durable and easy to move around.

Ibiza Stools

Cost-effectiveness is another key factor that hotel staff need to consider. You might spend a little more on a rattan table and chairs than you would ideally wish, but if it is tough enough in the harshest conditions for you not to have to worry about it being left outside by your guests, you can depend on it to last for many years without needing to be replaced.

As among domestic customers, the sheer design flexibility of synthetic rattan furniture is another reason for its burgeoning popularity. It can be adapted into many different designs, including in various shapes and colours in accordance with the theme and desired ambience of a hotel, restaurant or similar commercial setting, whether indoors or outdoors.

Natural materials and techniques can be combined with those associated with more mainstream ideas of contemporary furniture, as may perhaps be best demonstrated by our own range of best-selling rattan furniture here at Skyline Design.

For example, is your restaurant or hotel in need of rattan dining sets that exude the warmth of natural materials, but also the clean, minimalistic style of other forms of modern furniture? The likes of our Strips outdoor dining and Chester dining sets could be ideal for this.

Brafta Dining Set

Alternatively, your business might be in the market for designer rattan sofas from the Dynasty, Mankani or Chatham ranges, or perhaps something from our collections of highly innovative and up-to-the-minute collections of rattan designer rattan loungers and corner sofas

Mankani Set

Whatever exact rattan furniture you purchase for your hotel, restaurant, spa or other commercial environment, you will quickly come to appreciate that the range of design possibilities is much broader than you might have once thought was the case with any kind of wicker furniture.

Why not check out our complete current ranges of rattan furniture today to see how Skyline Design can help you to fit out your home or commercial setting with the perfect pieces?

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