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Six tips for your Indian Summer garden party

Article by Nick Rinylo

Six tips for your Indian Summer garden party

It’s that time of year again – summer is drawing to a close, the evenings are darker, but autumn isn’t quite on our doorstep just yet. August and September can be tricky months to enjoy your garden: the days are shorter, the evenings are cooler, but there’s still enough sun lingering that you feel like you really should be outside. There are so many ways to make the most of your garden at this time of year and those just-warm-enough evenings and the beautiful late summer sunsets.

1. Go greener and get solar.

Get illuminated and dine al fresco like you’re in the south of France from the comfort of your own garden. Whilst it’s still pretty sunny during the day, why not take advantage of the bright skies by nabbing some solar lighting for your garden? No cables, no batteries, just beautiful sunshine. Self illuminating lights are key to keeping cost to a minimum and saving energy. Maintenance free is always a bonus, the lights will show their colours the moment the sun starts to go down, keeping your garden illuminated for your friends and family.

2. Cosy up with the one you love.

Struggling to find a babysitter? Why not set up your garden for a romantic date, and make it extra special. There are some great ways to make a date night at home unique. A great low cost tip is to buy some pretty plant pots and use them for your cutlery and napkins. Why not go the extra mile and use some old jam jars for some fresh flowers for your garden, or as tea light holders to create an intimate atmosphere. Pair your meal with a bottle of wine or some beers that you can keep cool in a light up wine cooler, and have yourself a romantic evening. Who said date night has to break the bank.

3. Bring a rainbow to your garden.

There’s a misconception that you can’t do much with the plants in your garden in late summer. Whilst the window for some hardcore gardening might be nearing its close, there are lots of hardy but beautiful plants you can re-pot into your flower beds that will help your garden look its best, even in the autumn. Try hydrangeas, or Japanese anemones, or even fully grown aloe vera and succulents – these will flower as long as there’s sun and not too much rain. Daisies, chrysanthemums and pansies will also bring loads of bright colour to your garden and wow your guests. It’s a lovely activity to do with your family too!

4. Keep your loved ones safe.

There’s a lot of beauty to be found in safety. Keeping your guests safe is important – friends, family and furry pals alike. Light up your driveway to ease your guests arrival. Gardens should ideally be well lit to keep children and pets in eyesight. There’s lots of affordable ways to do this whilst keeping your garden looking on trend this summer. Skyline Design’s La Lampe Parabol range is a great buy for lighting up your surroundings, or lining your driveway. You could also snag some fun and functional lighting like the pretty (and solar!) La Lampe Pose 4, which is perfect for hanging in low tree branches or brightening up your table.

5. Entertain the kids.

Whether they’re your kids or a guest’s little ones, keeping them out from under your feet during get togethers can be a hassle. Thankfully, there are loads of outdoor games suitable for even small gardens. Think giant jenga, swingball, tug of war, skittles, skipping ropes or even sack races. If you have a patio, maybe grab some washable chalk so you can draw up a hopscotch path or so that the youngsters can draw a mural that will wash away with the next rain – so they can draw you one all over again next time!

6. Grab a pew.

If you’re having a lot of people over, making sure you’ve got space for them all to get comfortable outside is important. Ditch your camping chairs and grab some pretty picnic blankets for a boho kind of feel. If you’re going for something more modern, why not snap up some LED cube stools from Skyline Designs and eat outside. These not only look fantastic but provide you with some great mood lighting. Match these up with some energy efficient, waterproof LED planters as well, for a great way to showcase your late summer flowers. Whether it’s an intimate dinner date or a full on garden party, there are plenty of options for enjoying your space in the last of the sunshine. Either way, there’s no excuse for not getting outside and inviting your nearest and dearest over for one last night in the sun.

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