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Your Garden Landscape – Outdoor Living Series

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Article by steve

Here at Skyline Design, we have long been committed to helping to make your home’s outdoor space more hospitable – and not just that, but somewhere you will want to go and relax, again and again. We are so committed to this, in fact, that we decided we’d create a series of articles on the subject of outdoor living and how you can build up the perfect outdoor area.

With the right garden landscaping, you can really make the most of outdoor living!

We’re going to touch on lots of key areas throughout this series of articles, including the basics of landscaping your outdoor area, how to create an amazing outdoor kitchen, the role of the right outdoor lighting and the Skyline Design products that may represent the best fit to your practical requirements and desired aesthetic – among so many more key topics.

But before all of that, let’s get into one of the things that you first need to think about when seeking to create the perfect space for outdoor living: landscaping.

Outdoor Living

Landscaping designs don’t need to be intimidating

There are two ways in which newcomers to landscaping design often approach it. You might be tempted to throw yourself straight into planning the perfect garden design, believing it to be a subjective field in which ‘rules don’t really apply’… and encountering some issues in the process. Alternatively, you might be too paranoid about getting things wrong to even start considering what changes could conceivably be made to your garden or outdoor space.

Neither approach is greatly useful, of course, so here are some top tips. Start thinking about what you actually need from your landscaped space. Could you do with an area for your kids to play in, for instance, or somewhere to grow vegetables? Consider too, where the main area for socialising with friends will be. Start planning out the ‘new’ space with some rough sketches, but remember that you really are just throwing around ideas at this point. Formalising them with a proper plan can come later.


As you plan your landscaping design, contemplate such factors as where the sun and the wind will be at different times of the day and year. Start small, and don’t rush into things too fast. One of the unfortunate effects of home and garden makeover shows is the impression they can give that an amazing transformation of your outdoor space can be easily done in days or hours. In reality, it really helps to take your time and contemplate improvements to your plan if need be, before actually digging into the ground.

We have the solutions to help you realise your patio space’s potential

Your home’s patio space is an obvious focus for your landscaping efforts, not least because it is where you are likely to spend so much of your time socialising with friends or family. That’s also why the patio is such an area of focus for the products we stock here at Skyline Design, encompassing everything from luxury patio furniture and designer outdoor lighting to outdoor sculptures and even parasols and umbrellas.

All of these products could have a role in assisting the creation of your perfect patio space. You might look to our rattan sofas and dining sets that are as chic and stylish as they are resistant of the ravages of the weather for long-term use. Or what about some LED planters, cube lights or a bar set to really make the most of the enhanced atmosphere that night-time lighting can bring? Sculptures can also be brilliant garden features, communicating taste and elegance and serving as focal points within wider patio designs. Here at Skyline Design, we can offer you various abstract and figurative works of art that are also made from the highest-quality materials to ensure longevity outdoors.

Patio and Planters

The use of the right products within the right design can have a drastic effect on how pleasant or practical your garden or patio is as a place to be. If you require any further advice on how you can capitalise on the strengths of your own space and purchase the items that will enable you to enjoy outdoor living to the maximum, feel free to get in touch today with the Skyline Design team.