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Make Your Garden A Winter Wonderland

Article by Nick Rinylo

?Make Your Garden A Winter Wonderland

Make your garden a winter wonderland this Christmas! You’ll be keeping up with the neighbours this holiday season with some of our top tips to get your garden in the Christmas spirit. Grab some hot cocoa, put on your winter socks and have a read through our festive guide.

Light It Up!

Nothing says winter wonderland more than decorative lighting. It’s an easy and affordable way to make your garden sparkle this Christmas. You can buy fairy lights from just about anywhere, but if you want your garden to stand out, try out the La Lampe Pose 4 range. They’re perfect for hanging and even look great on the patio, and they’ll scatter lovely patterns of light across your garden.

Let It Snow

We’ve all been dreaming of a white Christmas, but it’s pretty rare in the UK. There’s nothing like snow to get you & your family in the festive spirit though, so why not create a little fake snow to capture some of that magic.

Whether you want to keep the fake snow strictly indoors or hit the streets and sprinkle it everywhere, it’s an easy and cheap way to deck the halls with some snow flurries. It’ll also look lovely over any Christmas decorations you choose for your garden – whether you keep it simple or go all the way.

Festive Flowers

There’s no need for your garden to be sad and grey over the winter. There are plenty of flowers that thrive in the cold, like Winter Jasmine and Cherry, Holly, Mistletoe, and Poinsettia. Draw attention to the happy little winter world in your back garden by planting your winter flowers in our LED planters.

But just making your garden look great isn’t enough – don’t forget to protect and maintain your garden over the cold season. We’d recommend wrapping any flowers and plants up, and using mulch to ensure your flowers are healthy and survive the cold.

If you’re not green-thumbed, don’t fret. You can help the little ecosystem in your garden happy and healthy over winter without planting winter flowers. Looking after our little furry friends by building hedgehog homes, bird houses and bird feeders can not only make your garden look like a scene from a winter christmas card but will also keep your garden full of life despite the cold.

Fire Pit

Nothing says winter wonderland more than a warm fire in your back garden. Fire pits are great way to light up your garden, keep warm, create a cosy atmosphere, all whilst being a bit safer than a bonfire. It’s also a great chance to toast to the new year, and you can even light up some sparklers for the kids too! A fire pit is a great investment that you can even use to warm your summer evenings when the snow melts away. Check out some good quality fire pits here.

Living in a Winter Wonderland

We hope these ideas help get you into the Christmas spirit and spark some ideas of your own. We hope you’ve all enjoyed 2019 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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