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Introducing The La Lampe Collection

Article by steve

La Ville Lumière… The City of Light… Paris.

The 19th Century saw the introduction of the réverbère gas lamps that illuminated the night’s sky in Paris, earning it the title of “The City of Light”. This inspired our latest product line; The La Lampe Collection.

With the help of Maiori, we have developed a collection of solar, wireless and weatherproof lights. They will help to illuminate your outdoor settings, creating a relaxing environment and  helping you to create your own Jardin de Lumière (Garden of Light).

The La Lampe Collection offers you the opportunity to mix modern day technology and traditional design to create the perfect environment for spas, hotel guests or your own garden. The various sizes on offer allow you to light up walk ways, brighten up table settings and illuminate beach or pool locations, with intensity control available on most models.

Walkway and Hanging Lights

The various models found within our collection are a modern take on the 4694 lamps that would’ve been found in Paris 1817. The collection consists of our Parc, Paris, Petite and Pose lights. They range from offering a cube or cuboid shaped light that is similar to the lanterns that would’ve been found in Paris, to a taller, slimmer shape that matches the street lights that can still be found in Paris to this day.

If you’d like to add a little je ne sais quoi to a setting, then we have a beautiful set of carry lamps, lighted drum stools, planters, bar sets and various table lights to choose from. All of our products offer a simple but elegant element to the setting you are looking to create. These are great for indoor or outdoor use and are a perfect way to complete your layout.

Extra Lighting Options

All of our products are wireless, enabling you to change your lighting positions with ease, as you redesign or develop the landscape of your location. It takes an average of 5 hours of regular sunlight to recharge the lights, helping to reduce your spend on electricity. Our products are weatherproof too, so there’s no mad rush to get all the lighting inside during adverse weather!

If you’d like a touch of Paris for your location or would like to find out more about our ranges, please feel free to get in touch.