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Can You Leave Rattan Furniture Outside?


Article by steve

It should hardly be a shock that when so many homeowners or organisations wish to invest in outdoor furniture that they can count on to both look and function well for many years to come, they look in the direction of dedicated outdoor rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture is frequently chosen for gardens, terraces and other outdoor living areas due to its very durable and hardwearing nature. Despite this, it has a natural and light appearance that perfectly suits the organic and relaxing aesthetic that is often desired for outdoor spaces.

Certainly, when you purchase outdoor rattan furniture from ourselves here at Skyline Design, you can expect a wide range of qualities, thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship and the innovative technology used in their manufacture. Our rattan furniture is very light weight, colour fast and chemical resistant, to name just some of its fine characteristics.

Rattan Furniture In Winter

Here at Skyline Design, we frequently have prospective or past customers ask us, “can you leave rattan furniture outside?” – and when they do ask, it’s often with winter conditions specifically in mind.

The great news is that when you specifically purchase our own all-weather furniture, you can expect it to be fully weatherproof. That is partly thanks to our use of the branded fabrics of Sunbrella, which is the world’s number one performance outdoor fabric manufacturer.

As a matter of fact, even during the winter, you should barely need to do anything with your rattan furniture other than giving it a clean from time to time. Nonetheless, it’s still useful to know a few things about some of the challenges that can be encountered in general with rattan furniture in winter, and how these issues can be combated.

Cleaning your rattan furniture regularly is one of the most important things that you can do to keep it in the best possible condition during the colder months. If you don’t do this – and especially if the rattan furniture is used frequently – the dust, dirt and food particles that can accumulate on the furniture over time may, when combined with harsh winter weather, grind away at the rattan. This process may lead to the rattan being gradually weakened and your furniture deteriorating.

Another common issue with outdoor rattan furniture during the winter is the tendency for any cushions to gather dirt and rain over time. While such cushions are designed to handle rain, the adverse winter conditions could lead to the development of mould, which could wreak havoc on the condition of your cushions. You may even want to store the cushions if you’re not getting as much use of your outdoor furniture during winter.


You might even consider oiling your rattan furniture, to ward off any dampness that could result in the softening and stretching of the rattan fibres. It’s as simple a process as applying tung oil with a cloth to the rattan when the furniture is first placed outside, and you can then reapply it each season.

Covering your rattan furniture – whether with tarp or dedicated covers – is another option for protecting it during the winter months.

So, in summary – can you leave rattan furniture outside in the winter? Yes, you can, although if you truly want to maximise the lifespan of your furniture, it’s best to cover it or store it inside, somewhere warm and dry such as a garage or spare room. This will give you much less to worry about as far as winter maintenance is concerned.

What about at other times of year?

Given the other qualities of our outdoor rattan furniture here at Skyline Design – such as their UV resistance and temperature resistance – you won’t need to take as many specific steps to maintain them as is the case during the winter. However, there are still a few things that you might want to do.

The spring, for example, can be very variable in its conditions, so you might not want to take your rattan furniture out from under its covers or storage too early. By the end of April or early May, though, the weather should have improved sufficiently for you to expose the furniture continually to the open air once more.

Summer, in theory, is the time when you’ll be able to simply leave your furniture outside all of the time. Unfortunately, though, dire weather does still occur in Britain even during July and August, so it’s a good idea to have your furniture’s usual storage space and covers ready. This way, if the worst does happen, you can quickly put the furniture back in a place of protection if needed.

Summer Furniture

Finally, there’s the autumn to consider. This is a time when it can still be wonderfully warm outside for certain periods, so you probably shouldn’t be in a hurry to pack away your furniture as soon as August becomes September. It may be advisable to place some of the less essential or more summer-appropriate pieces in storage, however.

Generally speaking, outdoor rattan furniture – especially our own supremely well-engineered furniture here at Skyline Design – shouldn’t cause you many maintenance worries at all, at any time of year. Nonetheless, it’s useful to know some of the above ‘common sense’ tips when you want to ensure that your own rattan furniture remains in faultless condition for many more winters to come!

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