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The Benefits Of Synthetic Fibres

Article by steve

Using synthetic fibres in outdoor furniture design has become a very popular trend within the industry in recent years. Here at Skyline Design we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of design and as such have been using synthetic material to create a range of pool side and garden furniture for a number of years.

But why are synthetic fibres sometimes better to use compared to natural fibres? In our latest article we take a look at some of the advantages that using synthetic fibres offers both the furniture maker and the end user.

Strength heading

One of the major benefits of using synthetic fibres is that they are incredibly strong which makes them ideal for use when creating furniture. Items of furniture need to be able to carry a certain amount of weight in order to support someone when sitting or lying down on them and with the high tensile strength in synthetic fibres it gives them a definite advantage over nature fibres.

Comfort heading

The elastic nature that is contained within synthetic materials means that they can be easily stretched, which, whilst also benefitting the furniture maker, means that they can be easily manipulated to create a comfortable surface. Synthetic fibres are also incredibly soft to touch so no matter which piece of furniture catches your eye you can be certain that the style will be matched by the comfort.

Shape heading

Synthetic fibres have the ability to retain their original shape, even if they get wrinkled or wet. Being able to create furniture that shapes to the user yet is able to revert to its original state means that we are produce pieces that are not only stylish and look good but also offer the ultimate state of comfort.