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  • Top 10 Luxury Hotels that blend into nature

    Top 10 Luxury Hotels that blend into nature.

    We've compiled a list of luxury hotels that are designed to merge with their natural surroundings, with some of the most farfetched and out of this world architectural structures we've ever seen. From rainforests and Alpine woodlands to the middle of the Indian ocean, these hotels are one of a kind. Take a look!

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  • Can You Leave Rattan Furniture Outside?

    It should hardly be a shock that when so many homeowners or organisations wish to invest in outdoor furniture that they can count on to both look and function well for many years to come, they look in the direction of dedicated outdoor rattan furniture.

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  • The Top 10 Luxurious & Remote Locations

    Here at Skyline Design, we've decided to take a look at some of the most luxurious, yet remote locations, that you can hire on Airbnb. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Design Conscious City Resorts

    For the urbane and artsy traveller, there can surely be no superior type of hotel or resort at which to stay than the city-based design hotel.

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  • Top 5 Design Conscious Beach Resorts

    Great design isn’t necessarily something that is specifically noticed by guests and attendees of a particular resort. Alternatively, of course, the opposite might be the case, with the aesthetics of a given resort being the star attraction.

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  • Garden Lighting - Outdoor Living Series

    If you've been with us throughout our recent succession of articles, you will have learned a lot about what you really need to consider for happy and fulfilling outdoor living. You will have found out about landscaping design, for example, and the great role that certain garden features can play in making your own design a success. We've also talked extensively about the likes of outdoor kitchens, dining and the various forms of outdoor furniture we are delighted to offer here at Skyline Design. But what about your choice of garden lighting? Continue reading

  • Picking the Right Outdoor Furniture - Outdoor Living Series

    In our recent articles here at Skyline Design, we've talked about a lot of the things you need to think about when aspiring to the highest standards of outdoor living. We've discussed the process of creating the perfect outdoor area through the most appropriate landscaping, as well as the potential that an outdoor kitchen could have for your property.

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  • Outdoor Kitchens and Dining - Outdoor Living Series

    The idea of having your very own outdoor kitchen may have once seemed like a fantasy, or ‘outdoor kitchen’ seemed like just a fancy term for a BBQ that was slightly more sophisticated than the norm. But in truth, the design and technology of today’s outdoor kitchens has advanced to such an extent that the decisions you make for your own outdoor kitchen may barely differ from those you would make for an indoor one.

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  • Your Garden Landscape - Outdoor Living Series

    Here at Skyline Design, we have long been committed to helping to make your home’s outdoor space more hospitable – and not just that, but somewhere you will want to go and relax, again and again. Continue reading

  • Introducing The La Lampe Collection

    La Ville Lumière... The City of Light… Paris.

    The 19th Century saw the introduction of the réverbère gas lamps that illuminated the night’s sky in Paris, earning it the title of “The City of Light”. This inspired our latest product line; The La Lampe Collection. Continue reading

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